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Princess Máxima Center patients are also treated at the Radiotherapy department at UMC Utrecht. Your child will receive radiotherapy treatment to remove the cancer cells that cannot be removed during an operation. Depending on the clinical picture, radiotherapy can be administered as a supplement to chemotherapy. In addition, radiotherapy is sometimes administered for pain relief. Your oncologist will discuss with you and your child which treatment he/she will receive and whether radiotherapy will transpire.

If radiotherapy proves necessary, you will meet with the pediatric radiotherapist. This meeting will take place at the Princess Máxima Center, while the radiotherapy treatment itself will be carried out at UMC Utrecht.

Who works on the Radiotherapy department?

Radiotherapists and radiotherapy lab technicians work on the department. A radiotherapist is a doctor with expertise in radiotherapy treatment. The radiotherapist determines:

  • which part of the body undergoes radiotherapy
  • the number of radiotherapy treatments
  • how long the radiation lasts

He/she also treats children who are suffering from side effects of the radiotherapy. The radiotherapy lab technician consults with the radiotherapist about which part of your child's body should undergo radiotherapy treatment. Radiotherapy on the head entails other steps than radiotherapy treatment on the abdomen. The lab technician also carries out radiotherapy treatments. This individual will guide and inform you and your child.

Contact Details
Phone 088-9727272