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LATER outpatient clinic

If you have had cancer as a child, you will be referred to the Princess Máxima Center's LATER outpatient clinic starting five years after diagnosis. This page contains information on the LATER outpatient clinic, possible late effects and life after childhood cancer.

Why is the LATER outpatient clinic necessary?

Given that the number of childhood cancer survivors has increased, long-term side effects have emerged. These side effects deserve attention. It is known that 70% of all childhood cancer survivors develop one or more serious health issues. This is precisely why we have a team of experts at the Princess Máxima Center that regularly performs check-ups on survivors. In addition to this medical care, other important areas of interest of the LATER outpatient clinic include social and psychological care in combination with contact with fellow patients.

What is the LATER outpatient clinic?

Growing numbers of children with cancer recover thanks to improved treatment and care. There are currently more than 12,000 people in the Netherlands who have had cancer as a child. Research shows that survivors are more likely to suffer health problems than their peers. Sometimes these late effects do not occur until years after treatment. Many late effects are treatable, especially if caught early.

That is why you are regularly invited to visit the LATER outpatient clinic. How often you should come depends on your diagnosis and treatment. This can vary from once a year to once every five years.

All knowledge about late effects is amassed in the LATER clinic. Our LATER care is based on scientific research and years of experience. Consequently, you get the care you need.

Your visit to the LATER outpatient clinic

How to prepare for your visit. What to take along, where to go. When do you get the results? This information is provided below.

When do you get the results?

About two weeks after your LATER visit, you have a telephone appointment with the LATER doctor or clinical nurse specialist, who goes through the results with you and answers your questions.

If the results deviate slightly, your doctor can conduct further examinations. Then, if abnormalities are still detected, we usually refer you to a specialist in a hospital in your area. In some instances we refer you to a specialist who has extensive knowledge regarding late effects.

In the event of abnormal results, we sometimes call you up for a LATER check-up at an earlier point in time than usual.

After your LATER visit, we send your GP and any other specialists a letter containing the results and advice.

You are automatically called up for your next visit to the LATER outpatient clinic.

The patient portal

You can view your medical file by logging into the patient portal with your DigiD.

Should you have any questions about the contents of the file, please contact the LATER doctor/clinical nurse specialist.

Team LATER outpatient clinic