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What is the LATER clinic?

If you have had cancer as a child or teenager, it is important that you are monitored and receive proper aftercare. Basically, you remain under medical care for the rest of your life. There is a special outpatient clinic for your check-ups, namely the LATER clinic of the Princess Máxima Center in Utrecht.
All children with cancer have been treated at this Center since June 2018. Our aim is to cure every child with cancer, with maximum quality of life. Consequently, our care does not stop when treatment ends. At the LATER outpatient clinic, both children and adults from all over the country are examined for late effects of childhood cancer treatment. All knowledge and expertise in the field of these late effects is centralized in the LATER outpatient clinic. At the LATER clinic we can detect and treat late effects in an early stage, sometimes even before any complaints arise. Read more about the LATER clinic.