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New in MijnMáxima app: appointments, important messages and practical information

A new version of MijnMáxima goes live today. In the renewed app, children and parents now have all appointments and practical information at their phone, tablet or computer. You will also receive important notifications on the app. For example, if there is a road detour or a new informative event for parents. Furthermore, the app contains a guide for children and parents that stay in the Princess Máxima Center.

Thijs Quakkelaar, project manager MijnMáxima: 'After a lot of work, we really offer added value with the MijnMáxima app by providing insight into appointments. The content that accompanies the appointment gives child and parents the right information at the right time. You can also click through to Food & Drink menu now. If you are staying at the Máxima Center, you will find the menu offerings of the day and of the Kanjerkar. This is adapted to the children's diet, allergy and eating habits. With all products and dishes you will see a picture. You will also find all kinds of information about the dishes’. 

If we would've had this back when we were in this process, it would have been very helpful,’, says a parent from the 'denktank' for MijnMáxima, a group of parents that advised about the app. 

How does it work?  
A parent/child logs in with DigiD and will see a timeline with appointments and explanations of appointments. In the app you also find explanations about your illness, tests and treatments and advice for at home. You easily click through to your patient portal, for your medical records. The app will also help you find your way around the Princess Máxima Center and receive important notifications from the Princess Máxima Center.   

If parents/children prefer to use a website rather than an app, they can go to the website https://mijnmaxima.prinsesmaximacentrum.nl/ 

As with the patient portal, parents must be authorized before they can view their child's care in MijnMáxima. More information about that can be found here.   

The answers to frequently asked questions about the renewed app can be found here.