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Op Koers Online (On Course Online) for young people and siblings going live

The psychosocial department will soon start providing online group courses for both young people who have been treated for cancer and for their brothers and sisters. 
The courses are aimed at bringing fellow sufferers in touch with each other and at boosting coping skills and social resilience. Because the courses are of a preventative nature, there is no need for participants to have any specific or major symptoms. During the courses participants chat with each other under the supervision of two psychologists. Experiences are shared and tips given on cancer-related topics and their consequences. An oncologist joins in one session in order to chat along and answer any questions the participants might have. The courses consist of six to eight sessions held at a fixed time during the week.

We are seeking participants for these courses! If you know of any patients or siblings who might be suitable, please pass on their details via opkoers@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl. For more information, click here to access the folder or go to www.opkoersonline.nl.