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St. Antonius Hospital, Maasstad Hospital and Radboudumc stop as shared care centers

The St. Antonius Hospital, Maasstad Hospital and Radboudumc have, in close consultation with the Princess Máxima Center, decided to stop offering oncology care. Since the start of the Máxima Center in 2018, these three hospitals have served as highly dedicated shared care centers. The Netherlands has a total of 20 shared care centers.
St. Antonius Hospital (Nieuwegein)
The St. Antonius Hospital stopped offering oncology care this summer, as children from the region can go directly to the nearby Máxima Center. The hospital has been an enormous support for the Máxima Center over the past years, when the Center was still building its own capacity.

Maasstad Hospital (Rotterdam)
The Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam will stop as shared care center in October 2020. This location is very close to the Sophia Children's Hospital. Over the past two years, it turned out that having two shared care centers so close together does not work. As a result, fewer children were treated in the Maasstad Hospital.

Radboudumc (Nijmegen)
The Radboudumc will stop as shared care center as of January 1, 2021. This move is prompted by the fact that, in two years' time, the Máxima Center has developed into a mature pediatric oncology center and because regional hospitals in the Nijmegen region also offer shared care. This has changed the role that the Amalia children's hospital played in pediatric oncology. They see fewer children and the shared pediatric oncology care they now provide is better suited to a regional hospital.

What does this mean for you as parents and child?
Together with the aforementioned shared care centers and the primary practitioner at the Princess Máxima Center, we will determine the optimal situation for each child.