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Point of contact for international patients

If you do not live in the (Caribbean part* of) the Netherlands but would like to come to the Princess Máxima Center for diagnosis, second opinion and/or treatment of your child, you can, under certain conditions. On this page you can read more about these conditions and how to apply.

 *) For children and parents/caregivers from the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, there is an application procedure via Transcaring


To qualify for treatment at the Princess Máxima Center, the following conditions apply at a minimum:

  • Diagnosis and treatment costs are paid by a paying party. Financial security is guaranteed prior to the start of treatment.
  • It is not possible to get the necessary treatment in your own country.
  • The necessary treatment is available at the Princess Máxima Center.
  • The required treatment fits within the capacity of the Princess Máxima Center.
  • The practicalities of the patient's stay in the Netherlands and the Princess Máxima Center have been arranged. The practicalities of the stay of accompanying family and/or representatives are at their own responsibility.

How do I apply for treatment or a second opinion?

In order to be able to assess whether treatment in the Princess Máxima Center is possible, the Princess Máxima Center needs (medical) data. Here you will find an application form that needs to be filled out completely. Send the completed form to: internationalcare@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl.

The application form is assessed by professionals of the relevant specialty. They decide whether treatment at the Princess Máxima Center is possible.

Medical data must be provided in Dutch or English. If it is written in a different language, you are required to provide the translation. You can send it preferably in a secure way in a password-protected email.

Application is no guarantee for treatment. After all, it may be decided that treatment had better be provided in the home country, or that there is insufficient capacity available for treatment at the time in question.

What does treatment at the Princess Máxima Center cost?

A condition for treatment at the Princess Máxima Center is that the diagnosis and treatment costs be paid by a paying party. Financing of the treatment depends on several factors, more information about which can be found here. Financial security is guaranteed prior to the start of treatment.

If the treatment can take place at the Princess Máxima Center, the Máxima Center will make an estimate of the costs of the treatment in advance and will draw up a quote for this. The actual cost of the treatment is often not known until after the treatment. Please bear in mind that the final cost may be higher and that the first cost estimate is always a provisional one.

Practical conditions

Prior to departure, all practicalities of the stay in the Netherlands and the Princess Máxima Center have demonstrably been arranged. This applies to both the patient and the parent or caregiver and accompanying family and/or representatives (referred to below as: parent/fellow traveler). In many cases, the insurance does not reimburse costs for family members travelling with you. Please bear this in mind.

  • Housing: The parent/fellow traveler arranges for a stay outside the Princess Máxima Center, for example by staying with family or friends, renting or making use of alternative accommodation.
  • Finances: The parent/fellow traveler has access to their own bank account at all times by means of a (debit) card. There are also sufficient funds to cover the daily costs of living such as food, drinks, clothing and transportation in the Netherlands, or the insurance provides a daily allowance.
  • Transport to the Netherlands: The parent/co-traveler books and pays for their own and the patient's airline tickets, either personally or through the insurance company.
  • Transport within the Netherlands: The parent/fellow traveler arranges transport (taxi, car public transport) themselves or under insurance.
  • Passport: The parent/co-traveler and patient have a valid travel document, for example a passport. The travel document must be valid for another 3 months after the end of the visa period. It should also not be older than 10 years.
  • Travel insurance: Travel insurance has been taken out so that the parent/fellow traveler can make use of medical care in the Netherlands.
  • Visa: The parent/fellow traveler can stay in the Netherlands for 90 days with a travel visa, after which a visa must be applied for from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). The parent/fellow traveler is responsible for this.
  • Other important documents: The parent/fellow traveler can provide a birth certificate for a young person and a statement of consent from parents/guardians. An extract from the medical file and any medical passport/medication list.

Application form

Please fill out the international patient application form. Preferably together with your doctor or representative. Please attach all available medical records.

Bureau buitenland/international care of the Princess Máxima Center will draw up a quote. All costs are payable by the insurer or patient. If a trial sponsor is involved, they will be informed by the Máxima Center.