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Ombudswomen in the Máxima

The ombudswoman is there to offer a listening ear to parents and children who experience discontent at the Princess Máxima Center.

Of course, parents and children can talk to all healthcare professionals themselves but sometimes this is difficult for them. In that case, they can turn to the ombudswoman. The ombudswoman is also the center's complaints officer. She can provide support in the following ways:

  • clarify the problem;
  • advise on possibilities;
  • refer and/or mediate if necessary.

The ombudswoman is employed by the Princess Máxima Center, but operates independently. This means that she works autonomously and independently and has a duty of confidentiality. Moreover, the ombudswoman is not a judge.

The ombudswoman records and analyzes all the input given in order to arrive at possible (organization-wide) improvements.

In the event of a serious incident or emergency, we also approach parents proactively.

If you or your child wish to file a complaint, share signs of discontent or a compliment, please contact the ombudswoman. She will try to find a solution together with you, your child and those involved. The ombudswoman can be reached daily on telephone number 0650006416 or by email: ombudsvrouw@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl. You can also drop by, the ombudswoman is in room 009 at the LATER outpatient clinic on the ground floor. There are two ombudswomen working there: Liesbeth Smulders and Elise Steenbergen-Amoraal.

Click here for an interview with the ombudswomen.