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Muziekids Studio

In the Muziekids Studio, supported by Armin van Buuren, children can make or listen to music. They are supervised by professional studio leaders and music-making volunteers. You will find the Muziekids Studio on the first floor of our center.

The world-famous DJ Armin van Buuren also embraces the foundation and therefore gives his name to this new Muziekids Studio: “I know what music can mean for you if you are experiencing pain or grief, that is why it is so important for children, especially in a hospital, to come into contact with something positive like music. Whether it concerns making music, playing music or being a DJ, it helps to deal with pain and grief. That's why I support Muziekids!”

Children who can not come to the studio can be visited in their room by appointment by the Muziekids Troubadour. In the near future, the activities from the Muziekids Studio will also be shown on the Máxima channel of activities. Of course, you can also just walk into the studio to make some music. Alone, or with your parents, brothers or sisters.