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Radiotherapy (radiation treatment) is the localized treatment of cancer using radiation. The radiation destroys the cancer cells at that site. Radiotherapy is often combined with another treatment, such as chemotherapy.

A Mattress or MaskThe radiation cannot be seen, smelled or felt. Radiation therapy affects all of the cells that are irradiated. Both cancer cells and healthy cells will be damaged. The healthy cells have the advantage that they can repair themselves relatively quickly. Cancer cells are far less effective and rapid at this repairing themselves. Dividing the radiotherapy into small doses provides the healthy cells with time to recover. Radiotherapy is sometimes also administered as part of allogenic bone marrow transplantation. In which case, it does not entail localized radiation, but total body radiation.

How will your child receive the radiotherapy?

Preparations must be made for your child to undergo radiotherapy. 



What will your child notice about the radiation?
Fatigue may occur both during and after the radiotherapy treatment period. This is because the body must work hard to clean up the damaged cells and restore the healthy cells. The fatigue is often the result of the radiotherapy, the daily visits to the Radiotherapy department and the existing complaints and side effects of the disease itself.

Which side effects arise depends greatly on the where the radiotherapy is administered. The pediatric radiotherapist will discuss the side effects extensively with you.

Post-radiotherapy Skin Care Tips
You may take care of your child's skin as you would normally. It is important, however, not to clean off any skin markings that may be present. These are very important for the radiotherapy. 

Would you like more information about radiotherapy and its potential side effects?
Do no hesitate to contact your radiation doctor (radiotherapist) or the radiotherapy lab technician.