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Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital Collaboration

The Princess Máxima Center uses the facilities of UMC Utrecht for radiology, pediatric operating rooms and Intensive Care. The children and care providers access this space via the 'connection bridge'. For example, the Princess Máxima Center makes optimal use of the expertise and the OR and IC facilities of UMCU and WKZ.

The OR Center

The OR Center is located on the second floor of the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital. It is also referred to as the Dromedary department. Via the bridge, your child will be wheeled in bed from the Princess Máxima Center to the Surgery department at WKZ. At the moment there are eight operating rooms and one cardiac catheritization room available. Your child will receive a surgical gown in advance.

When you arrive at the Surgery department, you will first encounter the reception area. There, the parent who will enter the operating room receives protective clothing consisting of a suit, overshoes and a surgical cap. The anesthesia team will also ask some questions before your child is taken into the operating room. A pedagogical employee will also accompany you to the OR to guide you and your child during the administration of anesthesia [link to Psychosocial care]. Several people are present in the OR, such as the anesthetist, the anesthesia assistant, one or two surgeons and two surgical assistants. Once your child is asleep, you and the pedagogical employee will walk back to the reception area. You will be called when your child is back in the recovery room. From that moment on, one of the parents may be present again. Once your child is awake and stable enough, he/she may return to the department and be picked up by a nurse.
 Pediatric Intensive Care

We use the Intensive Care (IC) department at Wilhelmina Children's Hospital, which you can reach via the bridge on the second floor of our center. Intensive Care is located on the Pelican department.

When is Intensive Care necessary?

If your child is between 0-18 years of age and requires intensive care, he/she will receive this care on the Pelican department. Intensive Care involves, for example, artificial respiration, permanent monitoring or supplemental care. Permanent monitoring means that we use equipment to constantly monitor how your child is doing. This could be because your child:

  • underwent an operation
  • had an accident
  • has an illness that requires extra care

The stay in Intensive Care on the Pelican department is divided between two equal spaces: Unit 1 and Unit 2. Each unit has a room with space for five children. Bed curtains are hung around each bed to provide the necessary privacy. Per unit, there are three single rooms.

The beds in Pediatric Intensive Care are surrounded by a lot of equipment that can be discovered:

  • a stand with infusion pumps
  • a monitor on which doctors and nurses check the heart rate, the amount of oxygen in the body and your child's blood pressure
  • a respirator
  • a computer that hangs from the ceiling at the foot of the bed. The nurses and doctors use this computer to view the electronic patient file.

If your child has been admitted to Pediatric Intensive Care, there are always nurses nearby who are looking after him/her. The equipment around the bed helps the nurses and doctors to properly monitor your child. The reason for your child's admission to Pediatric Intensive Care determines which equipment is used for him/her.