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The Princess Máxima Center Foundation

The team of the Foundation is passionate about enabling the provision of all facilities that are not covered by health insurers but are crucial for the children's recovery. Examples are exercise, sports, being in the fresh air, distraction and healthy food.
The various places in the Center that are available for you to use are also funded by donors, namely the Discovery Corner, the Construction Site, the Sports Garden, the Park and many other facilities. Furthermore, the Foundation is also committed to funding research into childhood cancer and to financing the Academy, so as to train top-level care professionals.

Our donors have helped to make the Princess Máxima Center possible. Private individuals, companies, funds/foundations as well as large and small campaigns organized by schools, (sports) clubs and service clubs have made impressive donations.

Still, there is so much more to do. If there are any people in your surroundings who are interested in knowing how they can support the Princess Máxima Center or who want to set up a campaign themselves, they can reach the Foundation via telephone number 088 - 972 8751 or via foundation@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl.