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In some instances, a biopsy is needed in order to make a precise diagnosis. A piece of tissue (biopsy) is removed under sedation or anesthesia, after which it is examined in the laboratory.


The examination and the sedation or anesthesia are explained before the actual procedure. The medical pedagogical care provider prepares your child and explains what will be done during the procedure.

The examination

Biopsies are usually performed in the day surgery. Sometimes a biopsy is combined with another examination. The doctor removes a small piece of tissue from the tumor, after which it is examined in the laboratory.


Usually your child may go home after the procedure, but sometimes an overnight stay is required so that we can keep an eye on your child. The biopsy site might be a bit painful. Feel free to ask what you may give your child for the pain.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to ask.