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IV drip insertion

An IV line gives direct access to a blood vessel. The doctor or nurse can administer medicines and fluids via this line.


Your child is rubbed with an anesthetic ointment in a few places where the IV can be inserted.


The procedure for inserting IV lines usually takes place in the doctor's office. Your child may choose where to insert the IV line. The nurse checks whether that site is suitable. A tourniquet is tied around your child's arm to make the blood vessels stand out. The spot where the IV is to be inserted is disinfected. The nurse then inserts the IV and releases the tourniquet. A thin plastic tube remains in the blood vessel. The nurse checks whether the IV line is properly inserted by injecting some fluid. The IV line is secured with plasters and possibly a bandage.


After the IV line is inserted your child may shower with a special plastic bag covering the IV line.

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