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Your child has, or will soon have, a fully implantable delivery system, also known as PAC (portacath). A portacath is a small reservoir (container) under the skin with a tube that is inserted into a large vein.

Via the portacath we can administer fluids, blood, food, contrast fluid and medicines as well as draw blood. The advantage of a portacath is that it eliminates countless needle pokes for IVs.

Still, the reservoir must be accessed repeatedly. That is why your child is treated beforehand with an anesthetic ointment for the pain. The portacath is regularly flushed to prevent the tube from becoming blocked.

The pediatric surgeon inserts the portacath under anesthesia. A portacath can remain in place for many years.

The brochure PAC/portacath provides information about the insertion and maintenance of a portacath and explains how to recognize problems and what to do. Please note this brochure is currently only available in Dutch.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to ask.