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Shared Care

Children in the Netherlands with a (suspected) oncological disorder are referred to the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology. The guiding principle for the care that the Princess Máxima Center offers is, ‘centralize what you must, localize what you can.’
Complex care

For diagnostics, complex examinations and treatments, children and parents/guardians come to our center. Our pediatric oncologists make the diagnosis, draw up the treatment plan, provide complex care in our clinic and supervise the treatment of your child. Complex care consists of intensive chemotherapy, experimental chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation. 

Less complex care

Less complex aspects of the treatment, such as simple components of chemotherapy, outpatient check-ups after treatment, extra check-up in case of unexpected problems, blood transfusions, intravenous antibiotics and outpatient chemotherapy take place under the direction of the Princess Máxima Center at hospitals across the country that are known as shared care centers. 

Development-oriented care

These shared care centers are often closer to the children's residence than the Princess Máxima Center so that they can continue their normal life as much as possible. The aim is for parents and children not to have to travel longer than 45 minutes to a shared care center. Quick access to a hospital in the neighborhood is also important for acute complications when children (may) need care quickly. Which shared care center is the most suitable is agreed upon together with the child and parents/guardians.

High-quality care in the shared care centers

Each shared care center meets strict conditions to be able to provide care. These conditions were drawn up by the Dutch Childhood Cancer Parent Organization (VOKK) and the Pediatric Oncology Foundation (SKION). Employees in the shared care centers are knowledgeable and follow, among other things, the mandatory annual training and further education. It is important to us that the care for children with cancer is predictable and uniform where possible, including shared care. Our employees, therefore, have a lot of contact with the employees at the shared care centers.