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It is important for children to get proper nutrition, especially for those with cancer. But the disease and treatment make it difficult for them. So we can fully understand if you have any questions.

Because what is healthy, actually? What can you do if your child is nauseous and does not want to eat? How can you make their food more appealing to them?  What can you do if your child is famished?

Sometimes parents and carers of children with cancer struggle with many questions about nutrition. It is for that reason that the Princess Máxima Center and the World Cancer Research Fund created a website (in Dutch) containing answers to frequently asked questions about nutrition in relation to childhood cancer, including nutritional tips for dealing with common complaints such as nausea, diarrhea and loss of appetite. It also contains more than 50 recipes that are suitable for children with cancer.

If you have any questions or when in doubt, please contact your treating physician or dietitian.

The importance of proper nutrition

Chemotherapy and radiation not only kill cancer cells, but also affect healthy cells. Good, nutritious food helps to quickly rebuild healthy cells. Good nutrition also ensures that your child is better able to tolerate the treatment and is less susceptible to infections. The reserves in the body are better preserved and the wound heals faster after surgery. Furthermore, good nutrition gives your child more energy and strength, and as a result your child feels better. The same applies to the period after treatment.

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There is a lot of helpful information about good nutrition during and after treatment. The information is based on the many years of experience and knowledge of dietitians and parents. 

Nutrition for children with cancer (only in Dutch)
Nutrition for children receiving corticosteroids (only in Dutch)
Nutrition for children with hypothalamic damage (only in Dutch)
Dexamethasone with tips on nutrition (only in Dutch)
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