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Information cards for children

The Princess Máxima Center makes special cards for children. On these, we explain the various procedures and treatments they receive.
Please note these cards are currently only available in Dutch.

Your child will receive the initial information cards from the medical pedagogical employee. Then, when making an appointment, the physician's assistant often gives you the corresponding chart(s) so that you can review them in advance. The medical pedagogical employee then considers what preparation is appropriate just before the treatment or examination.

You can also print the cards at the desk of the Vereniging Kinderkanker Nederland in the main lobby.

Anesthesia with surgery
Bone marrow aspiration
Bladder catheter
Blood sampling arm
Blood sampling finger
Blood pressure measure
Blood culture
Blood transfusion
CT scan
Dexa scan
Egg cell storage
Eye test
Feeding tube
Hearing test
Insert line
Lung X-ray
Lung function test
Lumbar puncture
MIBG scan
MRI scan
MRI scan under anesthesia
Make a mask
Make a mattress
Ommaya reservor
PET/CT scan
PICC line || PICC line with sedation || Handling a PICC line
Portacath connecting
Portacath inserting
Radiation medicine treatment
Renal function test
Sedation with a procedure
Sedation with a scan
Stem cell harvesting
Stem cell teruggave
Stem cell transplantation
Support fitting
T-cell harvesting
Thyroid test
VP shunt