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The (pediatric) physiotherapists at the Máxima Center have specific knowledge of the physical development, motor system, posture and fitness of children with cancer. They treat children in our sports and exercise center.

The treating physician involves the (pediatric) physiotherapist if your child:

  • Has reduced muscle strength and reduced fitness due to insufficient exercise;
  • Has difficulty exercising because of the tumor or certain medicines;
  • Has little opportunity to exercise due to being in isolation;
  • Is afraid to exercise because of pain;
  • Suffers developmental delay.

Make sure your child wears comfortable clothes. Also consider what questions you would like to ask the physiotherapist.

The examination

The physical therapist examines your child and observes how your child walks or crawls and moves. The physical therapist sees what your child can and cannot do. Sometimes the physical therapist subjects your child to a stress test to measure your child's fitness. Finally, the physical therapist investigates why your child exercises rarely or only with difficulty. The physical therapist then draws up a treatment plan.

The treatment can consist of your child practicing certain movements, staying fit and improving their physical condition. If necessary, the physiotherapist will refer your child to a speech therapist or an occupational therapist.