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Radiotherapy destroys tumor cells. The cells can no longer divide, so that the tumor becomes smaller and eventually disappears. Another word for radiotherapy that can be used or that you sometimes hear is radiation.

Your child will be irradiated for a few weeks every day for a few minutes. Healthy body parts are kept out of the irradiation area as much as possible or covered with lead shields.

In advance

The radiation physician (radiotherapist) uses computer models to calculate exactly how much radiation your child receives and from what angle(s) they are irradiated.
During the irradiation, your child must lie still so that the rays reach exactly the right place. To help your child, we measure a mask, mattress and / or support. When the tool is ready, your child can practice with the medical pedagogical staff member how the irradiation goes.

The radiotherapy

During the irradiation your child lies alone in a large room for a few minutes. You can see your child and talk to him/her through a live connection.