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Stem cell restoration

Some children need a high dose of chemotherapy to destroy all the cancer cells. Because this treatment destroys the bone marrow, stem cells are collected (harvested) in advance. They are then frozen and stored and later restored via an IV after the high-dose chemotherapy
Harvesting stem cells

In order to harvest enough stem cells, your child first receives a so-called growth factor. Once there are enough stem cells, they can be harvested. Your child gets two IVs or a groin line for this purpose. The latter is inserted under sedation. The IV lines are connected to an apheresis machine. The blood flows through one line to the machine where the stem cells are extracted. The blood without stem cells returns via the second line.

Storing and restoring

The stem cells are frozen and stored and later restored via an IV. The stem cells are transported via the blood to the bone marrow where they make new stem cells and blood cells. It takes about three weeks for the bone marrow to function properly again. Your child is hospitalized during that time.

You can find more about this procedure in the brochure entitled Harvesting stem cells.

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