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Protective isolation

At the Máxima Center, there are wards and rooms where children are placed into protective isolation. This is to protect your child when they have very low immunity. Or to protect other children, for example when your child has an infectious disease or is receiving nuclear treatment.
Almost always, as a parent, you may stay with your child day and night. Only during nuclear treatment are you not always with your child and you sleep in another room. However, you can see each other through a screen and talk to each other all the time.

On the door of the room there is a card that tells you exactly what to do.
All staff who come into your child's room wash or disinfect their hands and wear some form of protection. This may be gloves, a mouth-nose mask, protective clothing and slippers.

Sometimes there is a lock in front of the room. That's a kind of hallway where staff and visitors wash or sanitize hands and put on protective clothing.