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Client Board and Childhood Advisory Board

Information on the Client Board and the Childhood Advisory Board (abbreviated as KAR in Dutch) of the Princess Máxima Center is provided below.
Client Board

Every hospital has a client board in place. So too the Princess Máxima Center. The Client Board advises on everything that children and their families have to deal with. All members of the Client Board are a parent, brother or sister of a child with cancer or they have had cancer themselves. They are therefore all experts by experience.

Advice and consultation
The Board of Directors asks the Client Board for advice on various issues, such as:

  • hospital design
  • nutrition
  • psychosocial support
  • educational facilities
  • quality of care and much more

A number of topics are subject to right of consent. This means that the Board of Directors may not ignore the advice of the Client Board. Which subjects fall under 'ordinary' right of consultation and which fall under 'aggravated' right of consultation or right of consent is determined by law. The Client Board may also provide unsolicited advice.
The Client Board and the Board of Directors meet six times a year. Furthermore, regular consultations are held with other hospital employees, the Children's Advisory Board (KAR) and the Parents, Children and Cancer Association (VOKK).

Let’s hear it
The Client Board always want to hear your experiences. You can email the Client Board at: clientenraad@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl. You can follow them on Facebook, or attend a soundboard evening several times a year.

Children's Advisory Board (KAR)

The Princess Máxima Center has a Children's Advisory Board (KAR). After all, children are our pivotal figures. It is essential for us to know what they feel, experience and wish for in what can surely be described as a tough time in their life. We aim to tailor the treatments and care we provide to what is best for the children. The Board of Directors believes that it is precisely the children themselves who should make their voice heard and that is the whole purpose of the Children's Advisory Board. The Children's Advisory Board comprises 10 members between 10 and 18 years old.

They are children who are being treated, survivors (children who are cured of cancer) and brothers or sisters of sick children. The Children's Advisory Board provides solicited and unsolicited advice on all sorts of matters, such as quality of food, employee uniforms and how doctors deal with children. The Board of Directors takes the comments, suggestions and complaints of the Children's Advisory Board very seriously and acts upon them.

Children can reach the Children's Advisory Board by email at: kinderadviesraad@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl