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Distraction, relaxation and exercise

Our center has many places for you and your child to unwind. Your child is free to walk around the hospital and go to special places, such as the Park, the Construction Site and the Teen Lounge.
The Park
The Park is a general meeting place on the third floor, behind the nursing wards and overlooks the Oostbroek Estate. Here, children and parents can exercise and play with each other all day long. In the evening, parents can go to the Park to meet other people or to read to children. We can also organize joint activities in the Park, such as circle games, making music and building huts. A volunteer is mostly available to supervise all kinds of activities and ensure that things run smoothly. The volunteer knows what all can be arranged in the Park, answers your questions and thinks along with new proposals.

The Teen Lounge
The Teen Lounge is situated on the second floor. Here, children as from 10 years old can meet and chill, play games, read magazines and chat. The lounge is nicely furnished; teenagers should feel comfortable there. They can watch television programs, sports events and movies on a large screen, which is also ideal for gaming and they can also draw on the whiteboard or leave messages for each other. The Children's Advisory Board (KAR) thinks along about programs that can be organized in the Teen Lounge. The Teen Lounge is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. We can lock the room if necessary. A volunteer regularly checks to see if everything is in order.

Construction Site
The Construction Site is on the second floor and extends up to the third floor connected by a flight of stairs. The Site can also be accessed on the third floor. Children can play with large blocks and use the crane to build things. Children and parents can build castles together here. Lego blocks are also provided. There are lots of things to do in the Construction Site and we encourage creativity and new ideas. A volunteer is present every day. They can supervise the activities and oversee the site. 

Discovery Corner
The Discovery Corner is on the first floor. Here, children can learn and discover all sorts of things. It's fun to go exploring with friends, family and classmates here and they can also learn a lot about how the body works and what cancer does in the body. They can also come here with a childlife specialist to prepare for radiotherapy treatment or the MRI scanner. A volunteer is usually present to supervise. Doctors and nurses also use this space to explain cancer.

Rules apply to most play and relaxation areas to ensure that everyone can enjoy them.
  • In all areas, the parents are responsible for their children.
  • The nurse coordinates any required medical assistance. There are nursing call buttons in the rooms, so you can always call for help.
  • A minimum age of 10 years applies to the Teen Lounge.
  • Parents and children are allowed food and drinks in the rooms. Please clean up afterwards and put used dishes on the service cart. This does not apply to the Construction Site where no food or drinks are allowed due to the many loose toys and playthings that must be kept clean.
  • Friends, both boys and girls, and family are all welcome.
  • Volunteers supervise and make sure things don't get too hectic.
  • The use of mobile phones, tablets and laptops is permitted, but please keep the volume down.

The Play Center: day care for little brothers and sisters
The Play Center is run by volunteers of the Ronald McDonald Children's Fund. It is located on the ground floor near the central information desk. Here, brothers and sisters of a child who is being treated can play and have fun. The Play Center is a lovely area with an indoor garden. It also has an adjoining bedroom where the little ones can sleep in one of two cribs. The children are given lemonade and a cookie while they play. If your child stays in the Play Center during lunchtime, please provide a packed lunch. Any particular wishes, such as feeding schedule and sleep rhythm, are discussed with you in advance.

Two volunteers are present to supervise the children. They have been trained by childcare experts and have a great deal of affinity and experience with children through their work and their private life. Rules, which will be explained by the volunteer on duty, apply in the Play Center.

What to provide
Please provide the following (if necessary): formula, diapers, sleeping bag, cuddly toy, packed lunch and dry clothes.

Booking and canceling
You can book a spot for your child by emailing speelopvang@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl. We will send you a confirmation email. Another option is to call the following number during opening hours: 088 - 972 91 15. And you can also come by on the spur of the moment. We will most likely be able to accommodate your child. If you have booked but decide not to use the Play Center, please advise us as soon as possible. Your spot can then be made available to another child.

Opening hours
The Play Center is intended for children between 1 and 10 years old and is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. The Play Center is closed on weekends, on all public holidays and mandatory days off, as well as on December 24th and 31st.

Other relaxation areas
Besides the aforementioned relaxation and play areas, we also have:
  • a gym and fitness room on the ground floor;
  • the Park's meeting garden with tables and chairs where you can sit quietly or take a stroll in the fresh air;
  • the meditation room where you can retreat to pray, meditate or reflect;
  • the small relaxation room with 2 chairs and a table where you can find some privacy;
  • the roof terrace on the third floor where you can enjoy a beautiful view over the Oostbroek Estate.

The school
It benefits sick children to continue their schooling during their treatment. That is why we register children as from the age of three and a half in our school on the first floor. There are different rooms for the different ages. The educational support consultants who work here adapt the curriculum in conjunction with the parents, the child and the home school so as to ensure the child does not fall behind to any significant degree. Besides this support, children can also take lessons, both at the 'hospital school' and in their room. Home school, parents, child and the educational consultant work closely together while the child undergoes treatment. We have partnered up with Squla in the Princess Máxima Center. This company assists in the children's development on the basis of an annual subscription. Squla helps your child to learn all primary school subjects provided in groups 1 to 8 by means of games and quizzes on a computer, tablet or mobile phone; with parents, friends or classmates. A handy Squla pencil case and an activation code will be waiting for your child upon registration. The activation code is valid for 12 months from the time the code is activated.

Children's library
Books for all ages are available in the children's library on the first floor. Children and parents can browse, read and borrow books. Parents can record the books they take out on the list provided. Activities can be organized in the library, such as fixed storybook hours, theme weeks around books and linking up with national reading activities. The pedagogical employee makes sure that books are also available in the departments. They ask the children if they want to borrow a book to read. Twice a week in the afternoon, a book cart containing a changing collection of books from our own library is wheeled past the children's rooms. There are books for all ages: picture books, readers, story books and information books.

Small items such as chocolate bars and some confectionery can be purchased in the Máxima's restaurant. The Parents, Children and Cancer Association (VOKK) also sells small gifts such as a special Barbie doll or bracelets.

Outside the hospital 
There are a few options nearby for you to unwind in different surroundings, whether on your own or together with your family.

Oostbroek Estate boasts beautiful natural scenery managed by the Utrecht Landscape Foundation. It is a haven of peace nestled between the bustling traffic on highway A28 and the UMC Utrecht. There are meadows bursting with flowers, long-standing deciduous woods, marshes and even a monastery garden. You can meander along the paths or enjoy a picnic on the grass. Oostbroek Estate is about a 15-minute walk from the Máxima. https://www.utrechtsgebied.nl/oostbroek.

The Princess Máxima Center and the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital are located in the Uithof, which nowadays is called the 'Utrecht Science Park'. You will find many university buildings there as well. The Utrecht Botanic Gardens make up part of the park with rock gardens, evolution gardens, discovery gardens and tropical hothouses. There is a bird hide, a bee hotel and a bamboo forest and many activities specially for children. The gardens are open to the public between March 1st and December 1st. Address: Budapestlaan 17, 3584 CD Utrecht, https://www.uu.nl/botanischetuinen


In the Utrecht Science Park there is a SPAR supermarket at Heidelberglaan 1b and there are various supermarkets and shops in the town of De Bilt (about 3 kilometers away).

You can have packages sent to the Máxima, that's no problem. If you order something via the Internet, for example, the logistics department will check to whom it is addressed and then ensure the package is delivered. The occasional package needs to be opened to see for whom the package is intended.
If any mail arrives at the Máxima for your child after you have returned home, we will forward it on to your address after about a week. If we expect you to return to our center within a week, we will hold onto the mail for you.