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Referred, so what happens now?

The doctor or specialist has referred your child to the Princess Máxima Center in Utrecht, a specialist treatment center for childhood cancer. Because the Máxima Center has no waiting periods, nor qualifying periods, you have an immediate appointment. You have probably been taken by surprise and are very shocked.

All sorts of questions
You might already know that your child has cancer, but this usually has to be sorted out in the Máxima Center. You will probably have all kinds of questions. Write them down or enter them on your cell phone so that you can ask them during the interview with the doctor or clinical nurse specialist.

Where is the Máxima Center?
If your child needs medical care en route to the Máxima Center, you will be brought by ambulance. If you take your own car or if you are driven by someone else, you will find the Máxima Center opposite the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital. The parking garage is a bit past the main entrance.

Once in the Máxima Center you report to the reception desk in the main lobby. The reception desk attendants will advise you where to go. A doctor's assistant will greet you on the second or third floor. You will meet the doctor and the clinical nurse specialist and often other healthcare professionals as well.
The medical pedagogical staff member will prepare your child for the scheduled examinations and explain what is going to be done.

Your child might be hospitalized immediately, in which case your child is given a private room with a connecting parent's room, so you can stay with your child at all times. If the test results take a bit longer, your child can return home for a few more days. You will then be scheduled for an admission appointment.

Help with questions and problems
Besides doctors and nurses, there are also other professionals in the Máxima Center who can help you with any questions or problems you might have. Your doctor or clinical nurse specialist can tell you who can best assist you.