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Expansion day care unit opened

The renovated day care unit was officially opened this week. In the presence of several colleagues, children and parents, Fien (7) cut the orange ribbon: a special moment! The day care has been expanded with extra single rooms, consultation rooms and areas with half-height walls for more privacy.
Extra capacity

Jacqueline Zoon, manager of day care & outpatient clinics, is happy with this expansion: 'We needed extra capacity, and according to parents and children we also needed more quiet places. The initial day care unit had a very open design, and was focused on staying active. But for some children this is too busy; for young children who need a nap in the afternoon or for children after anesthesia or sedation.'

Walking route

'From now on, everyone can walk from the current day care unit to the new part. Staff from the day care, with the same familiar faces, will provide care to children and parents in the two areas. In terms of work approach and division of the team nothing will change', says Jacqueline.


The renovation started on January 8. Fieneke de Munck Mortier supervised the renovation. She says: 'The new part is, as scheduled, ready to use. It is an open space with four bed spaces with half-height walls and three single rooms. Both in the existing day care and in the new section, a consultation room has been created, so that discussions with parents can be held in a closed area. The new unit is constructed with the same materials as the existing day care, so we hope it will feel like it always was.'