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Pain-free care

Illness and medical treatments are major for children/young people. From experience, we know that every child has to deal with pain and stress because of the illness itself but also because of the treatment and the necessary examinations. Pain has a negative influence on quality of life. Since the objective of the Princess Máxima Center is to get the best possible quality of life during and after treatment, explicit attention is given to preventing and combating pain and stress.
When can pain and stress play a role?

Pain and stress are unfortunately still common during illness and treatment. We distinguish between different moments in the illness process in which pain and stress can play a role to a greater or lesser extent. We will work to prevent and combat pain and stress at the following points:

  • during and after surgery.
  • around short procedures such as a puncture.
  • complex pain caused by the illness or treatment.
  • pain in a phase when getting better is no longer possible.

Pain-free care team
Of course, everyone at Máxima wants pain-free and stress-free care. In order to strive for pain-free and stress-free care, there is a special team that is focused on treating the pain. This team consists of employees with the following disciplines:
  •  nursing pain counsellor
  • sedation practice specialist
  • physician assistant comfort specialist
  • anesthetist pain specialist

All disciplines are involved in anesthesia, procedural sedation, complex pain management and techniques for optimal comfort.

Contact with the team for pain-free care 

At times when pain and stress play a role, you will meet us or you can contact us via your doctor or nurse. Of course, you can also contact us directly.