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Food and drinks

The Princess Máxima Center chooses fresh, nutritious and tasty food and drinks. We pay attention to the nutritional wishes of each child and respond to these as well as possible. Parents, family members and friends can always come to dinner.

In your room

Our center boasts a Food and Drinks hostess. She comes by with a buffet cart 6 times a day, offering a fixed assortment of bread, spreads, fillings, dairy and fruit and three special dishes for each meal. She can answer any questions you might have about food and drinks. Parents can purchase food and drinks from the buffet cart. The meals available from the buffet cart are the same as those served in the restaurant. If the hostess is not available and you want something to eat or drink, please consult your nurse about the possibilities. Complimentary coffee and tea are always available in the pantry (see below) or in the dining/living room. If you have specific requests for breakfast, lunch or dinner, please talk to the hostess.

Breakfast parents

The Princess Máxima Center offers parents a free breakfast up to a maximum amount of €3,50 per Parent-Child room. If you wish to eat differently, you can use your bank card. Parents can use the breakfast facilities during the first round of the Kanjerkar between 08:00 and 09:00. Other mealt can be paid by card or with the hostess.


In the restaurant, parents, children and visitors can enjoy hot and cold lunch dishes, soups, sandwiches, dairy, fresh juices and an extensive salad buffet. The selection available depends on the time of the day. The restaurant is open daily from 7:30 to 20:00.

The menu of this week

Espresso Bar

Hot and cold drinks, pastries and cakes are available at the espresso bar in the central hall. Our baristas make a good cup of coffee. Everything that is available here can also be taken to the parent-child room or to a recreation room. The espresso bar is open from 07:30 to 18:00 on weekdays and in the weekend the espresso bar is closed.

Starting March 1st the new opening hours will be: from 07:30 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.


There are pantries in the department with complimentary coffee and tea. The pantries are also equipped with a dishwasher and a microwave. Please leave the pantry clean and tidy after use. This also applies to the kitchen in the dining/living room mentioned below. In the waiting room of the outpatient clinic there's also a machine for warm chocolate milk.

Dining/living room 

On floor 2 and 3 are dining-living rooms with a kitchen. Parents, children and visitors can cook with their own ingredients for their family. In the dining-living rooms, there is a list on which a time can be reserved for the use of the kitchen. The kitchen is fully equipped, including a dishwasher. There are volunteers from Ronald McDonald to help cook or play a game. 

Order your groceries on plus.nl 

PLUS takes a load off by delivering all your online shopping at no charge. The proceeds of your shopping are passed on in full to the Ronald McDonald House Utrecht.

You order online and pay securely and effortlessly via Ideal.
It couldn't be easier:

  •  Go to plus.nl and select 'PLUS Smaragdplein'. The requested post code is 3584 CS.
  • Select the items you want and fill your shopping cart.

The delivery costs that are automatically displayed on the website will not be charged.

Once you finish shopping, click on 'order' in the top right corner.

  • Enter the requested details and complete all the steps.
  • Enter discount code 'RMCD' to cancel the delivery charge.
  • Enter your room number and department along with your name.
  • The delivery address is:

Prinses Máxima Centrum
Heidelberglaan 25
3584 CS Utrecht

Once the order is placed, you will receive an email with a link to the IDEAL payment. The order will be delivered on the day you specify. The PLUS delivery person will deliver the products to the living room on the 2nd or 3rd floor. The volunteer will put the groceries in the fridge for you and let you know they have arrived.
Any questions?
Phone our E-commerce Manager, phone number: 06 12396850
PLUS Smaragdplein, Smaragdplein 216-218, 3523 EG Utrecht, 030-267 45 33

Something to celebrate? 

If you have something to celebrate, such as a good test result, a birthday or a sibling's swimming diploma, you can do that here at the center. You can arrange for food and drinks through the restaurant or via the food and drinks host. You have several options to choose from, such as 'high lemonade', muffin decorating, and much more. 

Special nutrition 

The most common kinds of tube and drink nutrition are in stock at the departments. Special preparations and bottle nutrition will be requested athe the 'special kitchen' at the Wilhelmina Childrens Hospital. The nurse can answer your questions about this.

Your own food 

Rules apply to bringing and storing food products. We must adhere to these rules for food safety purposes. Click here for more information.

Any other questions or wishes?

Our Food & Drinks hostess and our chefs are more than willing to answer your questions. The hostess will even ask the chef to prepare your specific wishes.

Outpatient clinic buffet cart

The buffet cart (meal cart) also makes rounds in the outpatient clinic between 10 am and 2 pm on weekdays, so that children who have to wait in the outpatient clinic can get something to eat and drink. Parents can purchase food and drinks for themselves from the buffet cart. Only the standard assortment plus the dishes on the menu are on offer; no special meals are provided.