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KLIK portal

At the Princess Máxima Center, we find it very important to follow the development of your child and your family during and after the treatment. We not only look at how the (medical) treatment of the disease is going but also how your child, you and your family are doing. How is your child feeling, how are things at school and how is the contact with friends?

To keep an eye on how your child and your family are doing and how your child develops, we ask you/your child questions via the KLIK portal.
KLIK stands for ‘Kwaliteit van Leven In Kaart’ or Quality of Life Mapped. The KLIK portal contains questionnaires that you, with your child, can answer prior to an appointment at the outpatient clinic. Children from the age of eight are asked to fill in the lists themselves, up to the age of seven we ask if you will fill them in about the situation of your child. The questionnaires focus on different areas. These cover how your child is doing physically, emotionally and socially. KLIK is for all ages; the questions are tailored to the age of your child and are suitable for the development of your child.

Questionnaire for your appointment
Once every three months (always prior to an appointment at the outpatient clinic) you will receive an e-mail asking you to complete the questionnaires. The doctor or nursing specialist will discuss your answers with you during the appointment at the outpatient clinic. If you have filled in the questionnaires before, you and the doctor can see what changes in the course of time. 
By discussing the topics from KLIK with the doctor, we know whether your child is experiencing difficulties and we can discuss the topics and expectations together. This allows us to help you and your child on time if needed.

Besides discussing our questions, there is of course also room to ask questions yourself. This means you and your child can think of any questions for the doctor before your appointment.

In addition to questionnaires about the development of your child, there are also questionnaires for you as a parent(s)/guardian(s) in which we ask how you and your family are doing. These questionnaires are viewed by your social worker and, if applicable, by your psychologist.

In this way, we can ensure that you receive appropriate psychosocial and psychological care from us and you can indicate whether you need contact with your social worker or psychologist.

To use KLIK, you can register on the website: www.hetklikt.nu. For more information about KLIK, have a look at the folder or information video.

Contact Details
Please contact the KLIK team if you have any question.
Phone 088-9729316