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Psychological and psychosocial care

Treating a child with cancer is often invasive for the whole family. You may also have concerns about the rest of your family and about school, work and your financial situation. That's why we support you and your family with our psychosocial and psychological care team.

This team consists of medical pedagogical employees, medical social workers and psychologists.

Medical pedagogical employees
You will frequently encounter our medical pedagogical employees. They can explain examinations, procedures and treatments to you and your child. If you wish, they can prepare and support your child.  You can ask them how you can make your child's stay in the hospital as comfortable and easy as possible. They can also advise you on how to deal with brothers, sisters, people in your surroundings, etc.

Social worker
Our social workers (brochure in Dutch) can help you adjust to life after diagnosis or treatment. They help with practical and emotional problems, such as finances, work and relationships.

Cancer has a huge impact on the quality of life of child and family. Most families manage to adapt to the new situation, but some families find it difficult to adjust. Our psychologists can help with psychological complaints as well as behavioral problems and problems with learning. Children with a brain tumor are always introduced to the neuropsychologist (read more about the Brain CARE program below). If necessary, the psychologist will ensure a smooth and safe referral to a psychologist close to home.

In order to support you as best as possible, we also keep an eye on how you are coping via the KLIK portal.


The team is always available to help and can be reached via secretariaatPPST@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl. You can also let us know via KLIK that you need to get in touch with a psychologist or a social worker.