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Psychological and Psychosocial Care

We think it is important to safeguard and promote the normal development of sick children and youth as much as possible, despite their illness and treatments. Therefore we pay attention to the psychological and social consequences for your family.

The medical treatments are often invasive for the whole family. There are many things you as parents can worry about: for example, your work, the financial consequences and the effect of this drastic situation on any other children in the family. All of this leads to stress with possible psychological or physical complaints as a result. We would like to support you and your family with our psychological and psychosocial care team.

Psychological and Psychosocial Care Team

All patients and parents can take advantage of the support and assistance provided by the Psychological and Psychosocial Care Team. The team is made up of employees with different expertises:

  • Medical pedagogical employees
    The medical pedagogical employeeprepares children and parents for medical treatments and procedures and counsels them. Children can also receive assistance with processing their experiences, and the pedagogical employee can offer distraction through play or creative activities.
  • Medical social workers
    The medical social worker provides support for and guidance to parent(s)/guardians that aims to shore up and strengthen their resilience and capacity for dealing with stressful situations and any changes in the child's behavior. In addition, the social worker offers practical help, for example, in the area of work and finances.
  • Psychologists and neuropsychologists
    The psychologist or neuropsychologist examines and treats children and youth who are experiencing psychological or behavioral issues. An examination often begins with an introductory meeting held with the parents and the child. This may be followed by one or more conversations with the parents, and, if necessary, a psychological examination of the child. A psychological examination might consist of an intelligence test, playtime observation, taking questionnaires and/or an interview. After completing the psychological examination, there will be a meeting about the results. The psychologist's treatment and guidance is focused on dealing with the disease and its effects.

From the time of the diagnosis, the child patient and his/her parent(s)/guardians are introduced to the team members. After this introduction, assistance and support can be offered, depending on the wishes and needs of the children and/or parents. We also use KLIK to keep an eye on how the family is doing, and as a parent(s)/guardian(s) you can use KLIK to indicate whether you need contact with a psychologist or social worker. For more information click here.

Need to talk?

The team is ready for you. Everyone can use the help of this team. They can be reached via secretariaatPPST@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl.