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Medical interpreter available for international patients

Since this month, Lynda Hachem has been working as a special interpreter to assist doctors and nurses in caring for international patients.
She encourages a child on a bicycle in Arabic, greets a mother in Ukrainian, and speaks fluent English with healthcare manager Linda Smits-de Koning. If it had to be in Russian or French, that would be no problem either. Medical interpreter Lynda Achem - just a year in the Netherlands - is fluent in five languages. Since November 1st, she has been working at the Máxima Center.

'Currently, as a medical interpreter, I am responsible for providing real-time translations to patients and their family members,' Lynda says. 'This allows me to bridge the communication gap between the professionals and patients when they do not speak a common language. The goal is to provide holistic, patient-centered care at the Princess Maxima Center for children and parents of all nationalities. She is not only translating, but also implementing her knowledge and skills to make the patient journey at the hospital an easier one. Lynda: ‘Accountability, confidentiality and professional secrecy are essential values that I maintain at all times. Along with ethics, patient diversity and respect of different cultural backgrounds.’ 

About Lynda
Lynda Hachem's mother fled from Ukraine to the Netherlands due to the war. Lynda, her husband, and their two-year-old daughter followed for family reunification. When the family settled in Almere, Lynda felt it was time to look for work. She had worked as a pediatric nurse for more than ten years. At the time of applying, Lynda did not yet speak Dutch. Therefore, people gave her little chance in the job market. However, she found the job opportunity at the Princess Máxima Center herself. It seemed tailor-made for her. In the Máxima Center, Ukrainian and other international children are admitted. Lynda's language skills are fully utilized here.