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New Assessment Committee Prinses Máxima Center

Recently, the Máxima Center has its own assessment committee. Previously, the Máxima Center used the assessment committee of the UMC Utrecht.

For whom and what does the Assessment Committee do?

Signs of dissatisfaction and complaints of patients and their parents/caregivers are treated by our two ombudswomen. They settle most claims on their own. Sometimes patients and/or their parents wish the Board of Directors to give an opinion about a claim. In that case the Assessment Committee ‘Oordeelscommissie’ examines the complaint and advises the Board of Directors, who will give an opinion.

Who is in the Assessment Committee?

The Oordeelscommissie consists of three members and two deputies and has a secretary. The chair is a lawyer, the external member is proposed by the client council and the other members are health care professionals working for the Princess Máxima Center.

The composition of the Oordeelscommissie is as follows:

  • Independent chair: Kristien Struwe
  • External member: Fokko van der Zee
  • Member health care professional: Marianne van de Wetering
  • Deputy members: Annelies Mavinkurve and Auke Beishuizen
  • Secretary: Florien van Woerden