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New: interactive map of the Princess Máxima Center

As from today, you will find an interactive map of the Princess Máxima Center on our website. This is how we help parents and children easily find their way around our center. Because there are many facilities in the Máxima Center; in the field of care, but also for relaxation and entertainment.

Curious? Click here to view the interactive map. Please note: the map is currently only available in Dutch. We hope to be able to offer this in English to international patients soon.

The desire for such an interactive map came from our Children’s Advisory Board (KAR) and our colleagues in care. "Sometimes, children discover far too late what the Máxima Centers offers in terms of facilities," says Nicole van de Ven, project leader for child and parent information. "With this map, we hope to encourage children to move around and discover what there is to do and experience in our center."

The interactive map is divided into different themes such as 'Sports and play', 'Treatment' and 'Food and drink'. So you click on the theme you want to know more about. On the map you can see, for example, where the MRI scan is located, but also where you can play games and table tennis, or get something to eat. Through photos and videos you can learn more about the relevant topic.