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Nursing innovation: the Rupsica

Nursing innovation and simply a good idea: Jessica Burgers, a pediatric oncology nurse and team leader, designed a small cube that helps nurses organize IV lines so they are less likely to get tangled. This saves them a lot of work, as many children at the Máxima Center often have more than six seven-foot-long IVs.

The children at the Máxima Center receive long IV lines. This gives them a lot of freedom of movement; they can walk, ride bikes, and play. The infusion pole with long lines can also be placed in the hallway so that parents and children are not disturbed by the alarms of the infusion pumps in the room at night or during the day. But the result is that such long lines get tangled. That's why Jessica Burgers came up with a handy tool: a little ‘cube’ in which the IV lines are arranged.

It is still a prototype; Jessica is gathering all the practical experience to put the right one into production. Jessica: ‘I hope the Rupsica will save nurses time and frustration. And that working with IV lines will be more efficient, safer and more patient-friendly, but most of all, more fun. And our children will get their freedom back with the 7-meter lines that no longer need to be untangled.

The Rupsica is a healthcare innovation named after the Máxima Center employee who designed it.