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The School

The Princess Máxima Center wants children, despite their illness, to be able to develop as normal as possible in all areas and supports and stimulates them in doing so. We call this development-oriented care. School plays an important role in the development of children. For a sick child it is important, but also nice, if school can continue as normal as possible. Our Educational Facility (EV) helps with this.

We register every child from the age of 3.5 years at the EV. A staff member of the EV (counselor) looks together with the child, the parents and the home school how the education, despite the treatment, can continue as well as possible and how the child can keep in touch with the classroom.

During the admissions at the Máxima, the consultants can also teach. In doing so, they link up with the curriculum of the home school. The lessons are in one of the rooms of the EV on the second floor or in the room of the child.

During the whole treatment, consultants, parents, child and home school work closely together to make sure that no unnecessary arrears occur. Furthermore, the counselor ensures a smooth transition to the home school, provides the home school with support in the form of information and advice and ensures a good coordination between all parties involved.

General questions school@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl
Contact person primary education Daan Boonstoppel: 06-50006366
Contact person secundary education

Annechien Kuis: 06-50006288