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Outpatient clinic, day treatment and shared care

There is no need for your child to be admitted to the Princess Máxima Center for each and every treatment. Certain examinations can be conducted and chemotherapy can be administered in the day treatment or in one of the shared care centers with which the Princess Máxima Center has joined forces.
Shortly after your child has been diagnosed and has undergone their first treatment, the treatment team determines where your child will continue to be treated: In the Princess Máxima Center's day treatment and outpatient clinic and/or in a shared care center closer to home. The team also decides where your child should go for which interim checks: the Princess Máxima Center's outpatient clinic or the shared care center.

You choose the shared care center together with your treating physician. You can find more on this here.

The treating physician and clinical nurse specialist take all the necessary steps to transfer your child to the Princess Máxima Center's outpatient clinic and day treatment and/or to the shared care hospital. They remain in regular contact with the doctors and nurses there throughout the entire course of your child's treatment, staying on top of your child's medical, nursing and psychosocial care.

Always take all your child's medication, bottle or tube feeding formula along with you to the outpatient clinic, day treatment and upon admission to hospital to ensure your child can simply receive their medicine and nutrition on time, whether in the Princess Máxima Center or in the shared care center.