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Quality of life

The aim of the 'Quality of Life' department directly touches on the mission of the Princess Máxima Center: optimum quality of life for children with cancer and their families, during and after treatment. Within this fourth care department of the Máxima, professionals come together who are directly connected to 'quality of life' and who participate in the three other care departments of the Máxima.
Who shape the 'Quality of Life' department?
The Princess Máxima Center is fully attentive of the developing child. Accordingly, we aim to systematically focus on the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual domains during treatment, follow up and subsequent stages of life (late effects). We strive to help children who are in remission to join in society to the best of their ability. The Quality of Life department manages the ongoing improvement of this care, in liaison with the entire organization. 

We ask ourselves the following question in everything we do: What does this mean for the child, parents and family? What affect does this have on their quality of life now and in the future? In order for parents and children to get the best possible handle on the impact of childhood cancer on their lives, we aim to constantly improve coordination within healthcare. We want life to go on as normally as possible.