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Fees and rates

The Princess Máxima Center for Child Oncology has concluded contracts with all health insurers. If you live and are insured in the Netherlands, we will claim the care provided to you and/or your child directly from your health insurer.
Rates for visitors
Do you not live in the Netherlands or are you otherwise not insured under the Health Care Insurance Act (Dutch: Zorgverzekeringswet), or are you not sure whether you are insured under the Dutch Health Care Insurance Act? You can consult what the rules are regarding this matter on this government site. If you are not insured in the Netherlands or do not have the right to be insured in the Netherlands, you must contact the Care administration department of the Princess Máxima Center directly via +31 (0)88 97 25 180. A joint solution will then be sought to obtain reimbursement of the costs of the treatment. In that case, the Princess Máxima Center will charge the visitor rate; The visitor rates for 2020 can be found here and the pass-by rates for 2021 can be found here. These are the same for all patients.  If you are insured abroad or are entitled to reimbursement in any other way, it is advisable and probably necessary to inform your insurance company in advance of the expected costs of care.

Seated patient transport for chemoradiotherapy
If you need to visit the Princess Máxima Center for chemoradiotherapy, you can arrange seated patient transport. You will need prior permission from your health insurer if you want to be reimbursed.

Permission can often be requested by telephone or in writing. You can find out how to submit an application on your insurer's website. If the health care insurer approves your application, it will pay the transport costs. If you drive yourself, you will be reimbursed for the travel costs. Whether you receive full reimbursement depends on your policy conditions, the type of transport and whether you choose a carrier with which your insurer has a contract. A statutory personal contribution of a maximum of €97 per calendar year applies for seated patient transport.

More information about seated patient transport can be found on your health insurer’s website.