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The start of the course of treatment

The doctor has told you that your child has cancer. Because you are now here at the Princess Máxima Center, you already suspected, of course, what the diagnosis would be, but now that you have actually been told, it is still a shock.

Explanation about the treatment
In the event of a definitive diagnosis, the doctor will explain what kind of treatment your child will be given. Every form of cancer has its own specific treatment. The chances of being cured depend on the form of cancer. To help you remember what all is discussed, you can have someone accompany you to this interview. Do not hesitate to ask questions if there is anything you do not understand straight away. Nobody will mind.

Placing a portacath or line
Most children are fitted with a portacath shortly after being diagnosed. A portacath is a 'reservoir' (container) placed under the skin on the chest, with an IV line attached to it. Some children are fitted with a central line in their chest or arm. We can draw blood and administer medicines via the portacath and the line. A portacath and a line are both fitted under anesthesia.

One main reception desk
In the Máxima Center you usually report to the same reception desk, whether you come for your child to be hospitalized, or to visit the day surgery or outpatient clinic. People soon get to know you and you quickly get to know the healthcare professionals who are important to you.

Everyone reacts differently to shocking news. Some people become sad or angry, others withdraw into themselves. We do our best to support you in this difficult time. Don't hesitate to ask for help when things get too much for you. In the main lobby on the ground floor you will find the Dutch Childhood Cancer Association for information and a listening ear: for parents, by parents.

Let us know
If you come across anything that you feel could be improved, please let us know via our ombudswomen. It is important for us to hear what you think; we strive to progressively improve our care day by day and step by step.