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Information for brothers and sisters

Having a brother or sister who has been or is being treated for cancer can be difficult for you. You have to deal with things that other people know nothing about. You worry a lot about your sick brother or sister, they are constantly the center of attention, suddenly there are all sorts of changes at home or people keep asking you questions about it.

It makes sense that this has an effect on you, like:

  • You have all sorts of questions about the disease and its treatment;
  • You are worried;
  • You feel scared, alone or guilty;
  • You feel angry or rebellious;
  • You are jealous of your brother or sister;
  • You try to withdraw.

All of these things are very normal and happen to many brothers and sisters. There is also more at play. Everyone experiences having a sick brother or sister in their own way, and nothing is strange. Click on the following links for tips on how to deal with the situation: