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‘Goede Zorg Proef Je’ at the Máxima Center

Gita Gallé signed the Goede Zorg Proef Je’ MoU on behalf of the Board of Directors. We are setting an example by providing healthy food for children, parents and staff. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Gita Gallé signed the ‘Goede Zorg Proef Je’ Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Wednesday, February 7. She says: ‘As the Máxima Center, as a pediatric oncology center, we have a role model function. Everyone is looking at us, what food do we have? Can you eat healthy and sustainable food at the Máxima Center? It is now scientifically proven that good nutrition helps children recover from illness and endure treatment. This is an additional challenge for many children and their parents at our center, and we want to make it easier. We are part of a group of hospitals sharing knowledge to achieve the goals of the MoU, which is instructive and creates a bond.’ 

Step by step 

Sustainability is a key focus for the Máxima Center. Claudia Alflen, Facilities Manager, says: ‘We pay attention to sustainable food. For example, there are more vegetable dishes, more vegetables and fruit in the restaurant, and less food is wasted.’ The signing of the MoU is one of the frameworks for the Máxima Center's food vision. Claudia: ‘Step by step we are creating a more sustainable food offer for our children and their parents, staff and visitors. We encourage healthy choices. It is important that there are choices and that parents and children have control over what they eat and when. Adults and employees make their own choices, (un)consciously. For critically ill children, who may also be nauseous, tired or picky, this is a real challenge. Together with all healthcare professionals, facility management, dieticians and others, we are working to create a healthy environment and are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of good nutrition for our children and ourselves. We do this with a clear nutritional vision and focus on the goals in the MoU.’ 


Healthy nutrition in hospitals is one of the focal points of the National Prevention Agreement, signed in 2018 by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and 70 parties, including the Alliance Nutrition in Care and the Dutch Association of Hospitals. The aim is for 50% of hospitals to have a healthy diet for patients, visitors and staff by 2025, and for all hospitals by 2030. Together, we are committed to healthier food, a healthier food environment and the consumption of ‘Schijf van Vijf’ products as the basis of a healthy diet. As a hospital, we want to further optimize the food supply and the food environment. We have been working hard on this for a long time, and last year we took significant steps, including a new kitchen in the restaurant.