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Kids can ask the chef anything

In the restaurant of the Máxima Center there is now a kids counter. Children can stand at eye level with the food, talk to the chef and choose what they want to eat. Mashal (9) says: It's cool that I can order by myself! 

Last fall, a major renovation of the kitchen and restaurant took place. About 160 seats were added, the kitchen was renovated and made gas-free, the layout of the serving counter was changed. A new addition requested by the Children's Advisory Council (KAR) was realized: the children's counter. At the end of the serving counter, a couple of steps were made near the text "Here the children can ask the cook anything". Children, who do not have to stay in their rooms, can place their orders at the children's counter and choose something to eat. 


Esther Fijnekam, Contract Manager Food & Beverage, explains the reason for the children's table: When the new nutrition vision was developed, families were asked how satisfied they were with the food and beverages at the Máxima Center. This included both the food and drink on the clinical wards and the day treatment with the Kanjerkar and the restaurant. In general, the level of satisfaction in the clinic is very high. There is appreciation for the wide range of choices at the Kanjerkar, the suggestions of the Hutten hosts and hostesses, and the number of rounds, six times a day. Parents and children commented that it was difficult for children to see what was available specifically for them in the restaurant. The KAR also brought this to our attention. The serving counter was too high for most children. 

Children's Menu 

Since nutrition is a major focus and children and parents are encouraged to eat in the restaurant, heads were put together and a special children's counter was created. Esther: "At the children's counter there is a menu with the children's dishes of the day. And if the kids want something different, they can ask the chef for it. This fits in perfectly with the revised nutritional vision, where we have a healthy choice, but you can also opt for something less healthy. Exactly what children (and/or their parents) need, in line with medical policy. There are also protein-enriched and energy-restricted dishes. 

The children's reactions are good, says chef Niels Bron: ‘The children see the nice prepared trays with fresh vegetable salads, sandwiches and baskets with lunch dishes and hot soups, and they often exclaim curious: 'What else is there?’ Through a little conversation with the children, we can make something they are hungry for at that moment.’ Mashal (9) is in the mood for a fruit salad; the chef makes it on the spot. The boy says thankyou and: ‘Cool!’