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Questionnaire child-parent care experiences

Experiences of children, parents/caregivers and survivors are an important source of information to improve care and services at the Máxima Center. That’s why we regularly use questionnaires to find out about people’s experience of our care. We would like to know: How people experience this care? Do doctors and nurses explain the illness and treatment well? Does/do the child and or parent(s) feel safe and comfortable? We can compare the results of the measurement among ourselves and with other hospitals.

The Patient Experience Monitor (PEM) is developed especially as a reliable measure of patient experiences. The monitor was formulated together with patients and is already used by many Dutch hospitals. There is a questionnaire for children aged 8-17, for parents/caregivers and for adults who attend the LATER clinic.

Reliable measurement
The PEM uses questionnaires from the Picker Institute, which are developed based on eight principles of person-centered care: Quick access to reliable care, effective treatment by reliable caregivers, continuity of care, commitment to and support for family and loved ones, clear information, communication and support in caregiving, participation in the treatment process, emotional support, empathy and respect, and a focus on physical and environmental aspects.

How does it work?
The child or parents/caregivers receive information about this questionnaire in the appointment letter. After the outpatient visit or admission to the Máxima Center, the child or parents/carers, or the survivor, receive an e-mail invitation to complete the questionnaire. They can do this at home on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. To safeguard privacy, the questionnaires are submitted to Expoints, an independent agency. This agency conducts the measurement and reports to the Máxima Center.

Participation in the questionnaire is entirely voluntary and in no way affects a visit or stay at the Princess Máxima Center. The answers are processed anonymously. We do not know who has received or completed a questionnaire. The child or parents/guardians can object to receiving this questionnaire or opt out of further participation via a link in the invitation email.

What do we do with the results?
We can compare outcomes of the questionnaire between teams, departments, or other hospitals/children’s hospitals so that we can learn from each other and implement improvement measures. PEM results can also be used in the national comparison between hospitals conducted by the Dutch Association of Hospitals (NVZ).


Please send an email to kwaliteit@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl

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