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All of the children's care concerning medications for home usage and in the hospital is provided by the pharmacy in the center. As well as supplying the correct medication, pharmacy employees participate in the admission and discharge interviews and they assist you and your child with how to take the medication.

Opening hours
  • Monday until Friday from 7am until 9 pm.
  • Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 8am until 5.30pm.


You can find the pharmacy on the third floor across from the central counter.
The pharmacy can be reached during opening hours via the contact details below.

Outside of opening hours, in case of emergency you can contact the pharmacist on duty via the central reception of the Princess Máxima Center: 088-972 72 72.
The fax number of the pharmacy is 088-9727406.

Other pharmacy services

Our pharmacy also offers other services. You can read more in the brochure (in Dutch).

Returning old medicines

You can hand in medicines that you no longer use at the pharmacy. We will then ensure that they are safely destroyed.

Instructional video for parents

We have developed a number of general instructional videos especially for parents, in which we explain step by step how to prepare medicines at home and give them to your child. You can watch these videos (in Dutch) here:

Team pharmacy