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Solid tumors

In the Solid Tumors department, we treat children and teenagers with malignant tumors in organs, tissues and the skeleton. Sometimes it also concerns benign tumors. This department treats both children for day treatment and children admitted to our center for a longer period of time.

What diseases do we treat?

In the Solid Tumors department, we treat children with:


The Department

The Solid Tumors department is located on the second floor and consists of an outpatient clinic, day treatment and a clinic. A total of 15 rooms are available for children. The department has operating rooms, an irradiation department and nuclear treatment rooms. For a number of components of the treatment, we work closely with The Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital (WKZ)/UMCU (surgeries), University Medical Center Utrecht (radiotherapy and nuclear therapy), UMC Groningen (proton therapy), and form integrated teams.

The development of your child is our priority

At the Princess Máxima Center, we want to promote the normal development of your child as much as possible. We do this by keeping the stress on your child and yourself as low as possible, coordinating everything with you and communicating as well as possible. Our center was designed and decorated with this so-called development-oriented care as a starting point. In addition to the parent-child rooms, there are various facilities such as a teen lounge, a discovery corner, a theater, educational facilities and various gardens. On this page, you'll find an overview of all the facilities at our center.

Read here about how we stimulate your child's development.

Shared Care

The Princess Máxima Center works closely with regional Shared Care centers. The pediatric oncologists at the Princess Máxima Center make the diagnosis and the treatment plan and provide the complex care in our clinic. You can go to a hospital near your home for less complex care with your child. You will find all the information you need on this page.

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Team Solid tumors