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Stem cell transplant center

At the stem cell transplant center (SCT), we carry out stem cell transplants with a team of pediatric hematologists, pediatric immunologists and pediatric oncologists. The center is a cooperation with the Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis (children’s hospital) and has been integrated into the Hematology-oncology department.

The SCT center is located on the third floor of the Princess Máxima Center.

We carry out stem cell transplants for children and teenagers with, amongst others:

  • recurring leukemia/very high risk leukemia
  • myelodysplastic syndrome/bone marrow failure (severe aplastic anemia)
  • Fanconi anemia
  • certain metabolic diseases (e.g. Hurler syndrome)
  • sometimes other diagnoses are also eligible for allogeneic stem cell transplantation
Inpatient wards
Approximately 15 rooms are available for transplant patients at the inpatient wards. These rooms are called parent-child units. You and your child each have your own accommodation space. 10 rooms have special air treatment facilities. These are used for children who are highly susceptible to infection for a long period of time. Here additional safety measures apply. If this is necessary for your child, it will be explained to you. 

Outpatient clinic
At the outpatient clinic, we check in the follow-up phase whether your child's immune system is recovering sufficiently. We also pay particular attention to signs of infection or transplantation disease (reverse rejection). If there are sufficient signs of recovery, your child will once again be given the compulsory vaccinations that children at an early age receive at the health care center. Due to the treatment, your child needs these vaccinations again.

The development of your child is our priority
Despite the serious illness and the far-reaching treatment your child is undergoing, within the Princess Máxima Center we strive to promote normal development for your child. We also think it is important to keep your child's medical traumatic stress as low as possible. Good communication and coordination regarding your child and you are also topics that fit in with the provision of this development-oriented care.

Our center has been designed and furnished with this in mind. In addition to the parent-child rooms, there are various facilities such as a teen lounge, a discovery corner, a theater, educational facilities and various gardens. You will find an overview of all facilities in our center on this page.

Your child is particularly vulnerable during the transplantation phase. This is therefore the primary concern for the transplant team. It is only at a later stage that care can be shared with a shared care center.