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Stem cell transplant center

At the stem cell transplant center, we treat children and adolescents who need an allogeneic stem cell transplant (SCT). The center is a collaboration between the Princess Máxima Center and the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital.
The stem cell transplant center is located on the third floor of the Princess Máxima Center and has been integrated into the Hematology-oncology department. We carry out stem cell transplants for children and teenagers with, amongst others:

Inpatient wards
For a stem cell transplant, your child will be hospitalized for a long time. It has its own room, with an attached room for parent(s). If your child is especially susceptible to infection for a long time, he or she will stay in a room with special air treatment and a lock. Also attached to this is a room for parent(s).

Outpatient clinic
After transplantation, your child will come to the outpatient clinic regularly for a consultation (talk) with the doctor or nurse specialist. Beforehand, we measure height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature and take blood samples. We also check to see if your child's immune system is recovering sufficiently and watch for signs of infection or transplant disease. Because of the SCT, your child will need all the vaccinations he or she has previously received again. Your child will get those as soon as he or she has enough immune system.

The development of your child is our priority
We want not only to give children the best treatment, but also to help them live as normally as possible and continue to develop despite their illness. We call this development-oriented care. Our center was designed and furnished with this in mind. In addition to the parent-child rooms, there are various facilities such as the teen lounge, the discovery area, the theater, the school and various gardens with sports facilities. Here you will find an overview of these.

Shared care
During and around the SCT, your child is especially vulnerable. Therefore, care during that period lies with the transplant team. Only in a later phase can a shared care center take over some of the care. Read more about shared care here.

Referral procedure

Children in the Princess Máxima Center or the Wilhemina Children's Hospital (WKZ) can be referred via the registration form in HiX. Other children can be registered via the patient registration form for SCT (in Dutch) in the Princess Máxima Center.

Registration of external donors

In addition, centers that have an agreement with the Princess Máxima Center for this purpose can register potential underage donors for an adult brother or sister for an examination and bone marrow collection by means of the Underage donor application - external donor examination (in Dutch).